• VM780

    Body Worn Camera with Push-to-Talk over Cellular

  • PNC370

    Push-to-Talk Over Cellular

  • VM682

    Remote Video Speaker Microphone (RVM)

  • BD302i

    Pocket sized radio, amazing performance

  • MHS7T

    Over the head dual muff headset with adjustable metal boom MIC and inline PTT

  • MHS5T

    Behind the head dual muff headset with boom MIC and round PTT.

  • MHS4T

    Behind the head dual muff headset with PTT on headset. Available in Black, Red, and Yellow.

  • MSM4WT

    Heavy Duty, IP67, Water & Dust Proof Speaker Microphone

  • MSM4T

    Heavy Duty, IP55, Water & Dust Resistant Speaker Microphone

  • MSM6WT

    Heavy Duty, IP67 Water & Dust Proof, Fire Retardant Cable, Speaker Microphone

  • MSM6T

    Heavy Duty, IP55 Dust Proof, Speaker Microphone 6

  • MSL+1WT

    1 Wire Braided Fiber Cloth SnapLock Base

  • MSL+2WT

    SnapLock Base - Braided Fiber Cloth - 2 Wire - Noise Canceling

  • MAT+1WT

    Acoustic Tube - Braided Fiber Cloth - 1 Wire

  • MAT+2WT

    Acoustic Tube - Braided Fiber Cloth - 2 Wire


    Heavy Duty Lightweight behind the head headset with boom MIC and inline PTT


    Lightweight Single Muff adjustable Headset with boom MIC and inline PTT

  • TM9300

    Designed for mission-critical environments, the Harris TM9300 offers a secure and reliable digital communications solution based on the DMR standard.

  • VX 2200

    With 50W VHF/45W UHF power output for effective communications transmission, the VX-2200 Series reliability, extensive signaling features and enhanced channel capacity for maximum return on your investment. Die-cast aluminum construction helps dissipate heat and absorbs vibration for durability.

  • Iridium

    Worldwide coverage available on a weekly and monthly rate.

  • VX-354

    The radio may be compact, but performance is not.

  • TP9400

    Mid-sized, LCD Display, Public Safety, P25 Phase 1 & 2,Very Rugged, IP67 rated,12 hour battery, TAIT TOUGH

  • RD982i

    The RD982i is an open-standard DMR repeater capable of being connected via the internet to multiple sites as well as integrated with Hytera SmartDispatch or other 3rd party GPS dispatching software. The RD982i-S is capable of being upgraded to trunking at a future date as capacity requirements increase. The analog version of the RD982i provides organizations with an easy migration path to digital technology.

  • RD622i

    An indoor DMR and Analog dual mode repeater in a compact design, embedded with a power supply and optional mini duplexer. Its innovative design enables it to easily support wall- mount installation with AC/DC power. Multiple sites can connect via IP along with the RD982 to support flexible wide area and large building coverage. Integration with Hytera Dispatch System or other 3rd party GPS dispatching software can be achieved by the RJ45 port in the side of the repeater.

  • TC610

    Mid-sized, No Display, rugged, IP66 rated,14 hour battery.

  • TC580

    Compact, LCD Display, durable, 12 hour battery, easy to use, 4Watts of power

  • TC508

    Compact, durable, 12 hour battery, easy to use, 4Watts of power

  • TC320

    Compact, durable, easy to use, 12 hour battery, 2Watts of power.

  • TM6 Series

    The reliable and user-friendly TM6 Series Mobile Radio was created to give users the immediate and clear communication needed to keep vehicle fleets communicating efficiently. Hytera’s voice commander audio enhancement and powerful 5W internal or 13W external speakers ensure superb and crisp sound even in noisy environments with windows open. Its compact design makes these radios ideal when mounting space is a constraint.

  • TP9300

    Mid-sized, LCD Display, DMR Digital, Trunked, Analog,Very Rugged, FM approved Intrinsically safe, durable, IP67 rated,12 hour battery, TAIT TOUGH.

  • TB9300

    Designed for mission-critical environments.

  • TB7300

    Slimline DMR Capable Repeater

  • TB9100

    The TB9100 base station is intelligent and flexible, offering dual mode to ease migration with seamless FM or P25 switching.

  • TM9400

    P25 Phase 2 Capable mobile radio

  • TB9400

    The TB9400 delivers on deployment and operational efficiency with Phase 1, Phase 2, Linear Simulcast Modulation (LSM) and remote network management.