• HR1062

    DMR Repeater with Compact 1U Form Factor and Analog & Digital Auto Switch

  • HR652

    Compact DMR Repeater, Analog & Digital Auto Switch, IP-Connect

  • HP782 UL913

    DMR Radio, INTRINSICALLY SAFE UL913, 2.4" HD TFT-LCD display

  • HP782

    DMR Handheld Two-Way Radio, Large HD TFT-LCD Display

  • HP702 UL913

    DMR Radios UL913, OLED Display, Bluetooth, GPS

  • HP702

    DMR Two-Way Radio, OLED Display, GPS and Bluetooth

  • HM782

    DMR Mobile Radio, Compact Gateway, 2.4" TFD-LCD display

  • HM682

    DMR Mobile Radio, Bluetooth, LCD Display

  • HM652

    DMR Mobile Radio, LCD Display, Bluetooth

  • PNC560

    Push-to-Talk over Cellular Mobile Computer with Scanner

  • MNC360

    DOT compliant device for safe communications while driving

  • PNC380S

    Voice, text messaging, video. Up to 24 hours of Operation

  • PNC360S

    Compact, IP67-rated Push-to-Talk over Cellular

  • HP682

    Dynamic Calls, Text Messaging & Conventional SMS

  • HP602

    Extended Coverage & Connectivity

  • BD612i

    Rugged, reliable, compact and easy to use

  • PD402i

    Dual Mode Analog & Digital

  • RDR9000

    Analog and DMR Tier II Conventional capable.

  • TP9600

    3 Watt speaker for loud and clear communications

  • TP9500

    Color screen, louder, clearer audio, more ergonomic controls

  • VM780

    Body Worn Camera with Push-to-Talk over Cellular

  • BD302i

    Pocket sized radio, amazing performance

  • TM9355

    Designed for mission-critical environments.

  • VX2200

    VX-2200 Series reliability, extensive signaling features and 50W VHF/45W UHF power output for effective communications transmission.

  • VX-354

    The radio may be compact, but performance is not.

  • TP9400

    TAIT TOUGH, P25 Phase 2 capable two-way radio

  • PD562i

    LCD Display, compact DMR Digital and Analog Two way radio,

  • PD502i

    Non Display, compact DMR Digital and Analog Two way radio.

  • PD362i

    Compact, cell phone sized, DMR Digital and Analog Two way radio with display.

  • TC508

    Compact, durable, 12 hour battery, easy to use, 4Watts of power

  • TC320

    Compact, durable, easy to use, 12 hour battery, 2Watts of power.

  • TP9300

    TAIT TOUGH, Quad Mode Portable Two-Way Radio

  • TB9300

    Designed for mission-critical environments.

  • TP8100

    Mid sized, LCD Display, Keypad, TAIT TOUGH, FM approved Intrinsically safe, IP67 rated,12 hour battery, easy to use.

  • TB7300

    Multi-mode, 1U slimline base station/repeater

  • TB9100

    Ideal for P25 trunked, simulcast and conventional networks

  • TM9400

    Analog, P25 Phase 1 and 2 mobile radio

  • TB9400

    Multi-mode platform for analog conventional, MPT, DMR and P25 systems.