Analog, P25 Phase 1 and 2 mobile radio

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The Tait TM9400 mobiles offer both analog and digital modes including P25 Phase2, and strong encryption management capability.

Features & Benefits:

Automatic dual mode between analog and P25 Phase 1 conventional.

AMBE+2 enhanced vocoder reduces background noise in demanding environments.

Voting ensures priority selection of the channel with optimum receive quality.

Increased channel capacity with up to 2,000 channels.

Scanning modes include: priority, dual priority, editable, zone, background scan.

Supports end-to end encryption, including AES encryption.

Lone Worker,c overt microphone and stealth emergency mode as standard.

Radio inhibit and uninhibit to allow management of radios during vehicle servicing.

Programmable orange emergency key.

P25 data such as emergency GPS location.

Conventional and trunked IP data.

Software configurable, including feature upgrades through software licenses.

OTAR (Over-the-air Rekeying)

IP54 rated: protected against dust and splashing water.

Large four-line LCD with icons to display key parameters.

With multiple configuration options and programmable function keys, the Tait TM9400 allows first responders to work the way best suited for their unique needs and missions.