TAIT TOUGH, Quad Mode Portable Two-Way Radio

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The Tait TP9300 series two-way radios offer Conventional and Trunking network capabilities both in Analog and DMR Digital.  The TP9300 offers roaming between Analog and DMR Tier 3 trunked networks, as well as roaming between Analog and DMR Tier 2 Conventional networks.

The TP9300 series are available in the following frequency bands: 378-470Mhz, 450-520Mhz UHF with 4 watts; 136-174Mhz VHF with 5 watts; 757-776Mhz and 850-870Mhz with 3 Watts.

Radio dimensions (DxWxH): 1.61x 2.56 x 5.35in

Radio weight: 11.46oz.

Three models are available, the TP9310 No Display and 48ch, the TP9355 Display with limited keypad and the TP9360 Display with full keypad. Both the TP9355 and the TP93600 can have up to 1500 channels.

There is also an IS (Intrinsically Safe) version, the TP9361, available as an LCD Full Keypad Model.

The TP9300 series meet the IP65 and IP68 rating. These ratings make the TP9300 series the ideal communications device for wet, dusty, rugged environments. This ergonomic, very rugged two way radio with internal 2 Watt speaker allows for loud and clear communications.

TP9300 Features & Benefits:

Bluetooth® connectivity.

Four programmable function keys and three-way selector.

Text messaging for enhanced communications.

Short data messages  or location, status and text.

Packet data over traffic channels for work force management and customer specific applications.

Individual calls.

Pre-set status messages.

Scanning modes include: priority, dual priority, editable, zone, and background scan.

Man Down and Lone Worker.

Integrated GPS option for Location Services.

Emergency calls have priority access to trunked networks.

Available in black, red, yellow, orange, and hi-visibility green color.

The TP9300’s size, features and ruggedness offers Hospitals, Police departments, Fire Departments, and Federal agencies a fully featured two way radio that is palm sized and can provide years of service in those demanding environments.