Radio Rentals

Renting two-way radios from Metrotalk is a smart move for event planning, production, and audio-visual companies to create a productive work environment or any time you want seamless communication and reliable equipment. At Metrotalk, we understand how vital it is that your staff and event coordinators can speak clearly and quickly with each other. Our mission is to ensure that you get premium two-way radio rentals that help you achieve your goals whether you run a hotel or are in charge of a one-time event.

About Our Two-way Radio Rental Services

We design our two-way radio rental services with our customers in mind because we know many of them work under high-pressure environments and want to enhance their staff’s communication and coordination. However, even if you are interested in finding a better way to communicate beyond smartphones for a family reunion or hiking trip, you’ll find value in radio rentals from Metrotalk.

  • Radio rentals are conveniently available anywhere from one day to one year.
  • All our two-way radio rentals use FCC license-approved frequencies.
  • Spare batteries, accessories, and chargers are included with every radio rental.
  • Repeaters and base stations to increase range are available.
  • Customer support will guide you through the process and be a resource throughout your rental experience.

Quality Equipment and Accessories for Two-way Radios

We’re happy to provide our clients with quality and durable equipment. The right equipment will promote productivity and security on a daily basis and will make a great difference in how clear and fast your business or event’s communication flows.

Walkie-Talkie/Portable Two-way Radio

If you have different groups that need to stay in touch with each other, then you can customize the channels and appropriately display the names on the radio, giving everyone an even more convenient way to engage. You’ll love that communication is clear – whether you’re in a hotel, stadium, construction site, or another large work or event setting. If you rent digital radios with the Caller ID feature, you will be able to identify who is calling on the radio and even make private calls to only one member of your staff.

TECHNOLOGY Analog Digital/Analog
CHANNEL CAPACITY Up to 16 Up to 520
ZONES   Up to 32
DISPLAY LCD up to 8 characters LCD up to 11 characters with scroll features
CHANNEL NAME Customizable up to 8 characters Customizable up to 11 characters
BATTERY LIFE Up to 13 hours Up to 16 hours
WEIGHT 10.9 OZ 9.9 OZ
DIMENSIONS (H xWxD) 4.1×2.3×1.3 inches  
FEATURES Priority Scan Priority Scan
    Caller ID (*)
    Private Call (*)
    Canned Messaging (*)


Available for both models and included for free with every radio you rent. You can mix and match.

Behind the head headsetOver the head headset2-wire surveillance style kitSpeaker MicrophoneOver the ear 1-wire kitCarrying Case


We also have repeaters available for rent to enhance two-way radio coverage. These will be important if your communication needs to expand over a larger area than is typically reachable by most handheld radios. If you have to coordinate with staff on multiple floors, are planning an event that extends to a few nearby locations, or have other needs that require you to expand your reach, then a repeater is recommended.

TECHNOLOGY Digital/Analog Digital/Analog
POWER 1-25W 5-50W
WEIGHT 6.61 pounds 18.74 pounds
DIMENSIONS 11.85Hx7.24Wx2 inches 3.46Hx19Wx14.4 inches

Mobile Two-Way Radio/Base Station

With a mobile radio or base station, you can increase your range whether you are transporting clients from one event location to another or when your staff needs to leave the venue for work purposes. Having a convenient way to stay in touch will keep you in control and informed throughout the duration of the event or workday.

TECHNOLOGY Analog Analog
CHANNEL CAPACITY Up to 128 Up to 48
ZONES Up to 8 Up to 3
POWER 5-45W 1-25W


If you need more specific guidance on how Metrotalk can help with your next event or project, or if you have custom two-way radio needs, please call 1-800-268-4098. Our customer support is here to help you with all your radio rental needs and answer any questions. We want you to find the equipment that is right for your goals.