When Metrotalk, Inc opened for business in 1999, in the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland market, its founders had already accumulated 20 years of combined experience working as employees for leading two-way radio communication providers.

They started Metrotalk® with the idea of providing two-way radio solutions on a short-term basis. They had in mind event planners, caterers, audiovisual companies, trade show organizers, and hotels. They knew that those working in such industries were subjected to high levels of stress and needed easily access to reliable communication solutions. They decided from the very beginning to work hard to offer quality two-way radio solutions and to make the process of renting equipment as smooth as possible.

Some of those initial customers liked our product and services so much that they started asking for purchasing options. That led to Metrotalk® becoming also a reseller and provider of two-way radio communication solutions, including post-sale services like maintenance and repairs.


Our mission is to provide our rental and purchasing customers with the best commercial, open standard two-way radio products and solutions that fit their needs. To fulfill our mission, in the past we partnered with leading two-way radio product manufactures such as Motorola, Kenwood, Vertex Standard and Tait.

Currently, we offer analog, open standard DMR Digital and P25 products and solutions from the following worldwide recognized manufacturing brands:

A leader in developing and manufacturing DMR digital, LTE products and solutions.

A leader in developing Mission Critical communication solutions.


A leader in manufacturing very rugged, open standard P25 and DMR products and solutions


A British-based company that manufactures open standard, software-driven DMR and P25 products and solutions.


An American-based company that specializes in manufacturing low-cost DMR and P25 products and solutions.


Contrary to what it could be believed, the two-way radio communication industry is not dead because of the expansion of cellphones and digital communications. Two-way radio manufacturing companies are converging private LTE networks and LMR solutions to provide users with the benefits that both technologies offer for instant voice communication, video and data transmission. Multi-mode devices with smartphone capabilities, that seamlessly connect from one network to the other, are already available.

All these developments will allow Metrotalk® to continue our mission of providing the best commercial two-way radio products and solutions for our customers’ needs.