TP3000 Series

Robust and Reliable Analog & DMR Tier II Portable

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The Tait TP3000 series is an Analog and DMR Digital Tier II portable two-way radio, rated IP67 for dust and waterproof. It’s available in 2 models: the TP3300 and the TP3350. Both provide 5W of power on the following frequency bands: VHF: 136-174 MHz, UHF: 400-480 MHz and 450-520 MHz.

In the analog model, the Tait TP3000 series features CTSS & DCS, 5-Tone, 2-Tone, MDC1200, and DTMF encode and decode. They also feature Voice Annunciation on channel change and during other service changes.

When used in digital mode, the two models feature Dual Slot Direct mode, Transmit Interrupt, Voice Caller ID, Voice Annunciation, Stun or Revive, Radio Alert, Address book (up to 256 lists of 64 members, individuals or groups), Scan Groups (up to 256 lists of 16 members), ARC4 (40 bit) voice and data encryption, canned and freestyle text message.

The TP3350 in digital mode also features  GPS Location Messages, Man Down, Vibration Alert, and Bluetooth© 4.0.

The TP3300 and the TP3350 radios come directly from the factory with a black non-display front cover. This non-display front cover is customizable. It contains interchangeable front covers of up to 8 different colors with or without a display and keypad. The 4-Key and 16-Key models display a 160×128 pixel, 1.77″ color.


TP3000 Series Keypad Comparison

Features 0-Key 4-Key 16-Key
PPT-Left side xt-mark’>X xt-mark’>X x
F1 Key-Top xt-mark’>X xt-mark’>X x
F2, F3 Keys-Left side xt-mark’>X xt-mark’>X xt-mark’>X
F4, F5 Keys-Front xt-mark’>X xt-mark’>X
Menu and Selection Keys-Front xt-mark’>X xt-mark’>X
0-9, * and # Keys xt-mark’>X
1.77” Color TFT Display xt-mark’>X xt-mark’>X
Channels 32 2000 2000
Send Pre-Programmed Messages xt-mark’>X xt-mark’>X xt-mark’>X
Receive Messages xt-mark’>X xt-mark’>X
Create and Edit Custom xt-mark’>X xt-mark’>X


Both models are built with spaces for labels to easily customize each radio with the brand logo, specific talk groups or radio type, user identification, or other critical information.

The TP3000 series entry-level package comes with a Black, non-display radio, antenna, battery, belt clip, and safety and compliance documents.