Compact, durable, easy to use, 12 hour battery, 2Watts of power.

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Features & Benefits:

The HYT TC-320 is an Analog 4.68” tall Two way radio that weighs 4.76oz. With 16 channels, and superior, crisp audio for noisy environments this user friendly two way radio makes communications a simple process.
The TC-320’s Wide frequency range allows FEDERAL, License Free and Commercial frequencies to be programmed. Covering the UHF 400-470Mhz with 2 watts, the TC-320 can be used in direct or repeater mode.
The TC-320 includes:

  • VOX
  • Programmable buttons
  • Voice Scrambler
  • Low battery alert
  • Time out timer
  • CTCSS/ CDCSS squelch settings

Accessory port allows for the use of multiple ear pieces to be used for high noise environments and private conversations.
The TC-320 ships with belt clip, wrist strap, antenna and a USB port for easy charging from the included wall charger as well as an optional desk top charger for convenience. A 6-Unit switching power supply is also available allowing multiple units to charge from one AC outlet.
With a standard capacity battery and based on the 5-5-90 standard, the radio can provide up to 12 hours of communications. Its compact yet rugged double injected molding design allows it to survive a 5 Foot drop without sustaining damage.
The TC-320’s size, features and ruggedness offers Hospitals, shopping centers, schools, churches and restaurants a fully featured two way radio that can provide years of service in those demanding environments.
The TC-320 is covered by a standard 1 year Manufacturer’s warranty which can be increased to 2 years with the optional 1 year extension.
The TC-320 is comparable to Motorola CLS1100 series, CLP1010 Series, Kenwood TK2400, TK3230.