Built-in GPS & Bluetooth

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The Hytera PD482i portable radio simultaneously monitors analog and digital modes and automatically responds in each mode, allowing for a simple and cost-effective migration from analog to digital.

The PD482i is available in VHF: 136-174MHz and UHF: 350-470MHz. The radio has 256 channels and 16 zones, and up to 64 contacts in digital mode. It has a 3-Line OLED display and full keypad that allows for free text messaging. The radio can also store up to 10 pre-defined messages, up to 64 characters. There are 3 programmable buttons on the radio. The orange one can be programmed to send an emergency alarm, which improves worker safety and emergency response time.

The radio is sold with a 2000mAh Li-Ion battery that provides up to 22 hours of operation in digital mode and up to 16 in analog mode. The package also includes a single rapid charger with power adapter, antenna, belt clip and nylon hand strap.

The Hytera PD482i works in Conventional Analog and DMR Tier II Systems.

Key Features of the Hytera PD482i

Compliant with MIL-STD-810 G for impact strength and durability, and IP54 water and dust ingress.

Audio equalizer adjusts low, mid, and high frequency gain. Provides the best audio performance in noisy or quiet environments.

Encryption ensures private and secure voice and data transmission. (Optional)

Voice activated communications (VOX) activates the microphone by speaking to enable hands-free operation. Also supported on external earpiece and microphone accessories.

Built-in Bluetooth enables connectivity to earpieces and other wireless accessories. (Optional)

The built-in GPS enables real-time location tracking for dispatch application. Real-time display, call logs, GPS synchronization, and messaging. (Optional)

Standard 3-Year Warranty with the option to extend it for 2 additional years.

Optional Features

Stun/Revive enables dispatch and other users to disable/enable a radio if it is stolen, lost, or used maliciously.

Priority Interrupt allows the dispatcher to interrupt existing calls with important emergency information.

Remote Monitor allows the dispatcher to key the PTT button and listen in an emergency situation.

System and Network Features (Optional)

Roaming allows radios to seamlessly move between connected repeaters with uninterrupted voice transmission.
Pseudo Trunk, this virtual trunking feature automatically uses whichever digital timeslot is free to improve call connectivity and frequency efficiency.
Radio Registration Service (RRS) allows the PD482i to communicate with dispatch and unified communications applications.