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The BD612i is a reliable and rugged digital DMR two-way radio from Hytera with excellent performance. This radio operates in analog and digital mode, and allows switching between the two modes for communicating with analog radios. This feature makes a simple and cost-effective migration from analog to digital.

The Hytera BD612i radio is available in VHF: 136-174MHz and UHF: 460-470MHz with a channel capacity of 48 Channels and zone capacity of up to 3 zones with 16 channels per zone.

The radio is sold with a 1500mAh Li-Ion battery that provides up to 16 hours of operation in digital mode and up to 12 hours in analog mode. The battery can be upgraded to 2000mAh that provides up to 22 hours in digital and 16 hours in analog. The package also includes a single rapid charger with power adapter, antenna, belt clip and nylon hand strap.

The Hytera BD612i works in Conventional Analog and DMR Tier II Systems.

Hytera BD612i highlights


Key Features of the Hytera BD612i

The BD612i is a light and compact, easy to carry and operate radio that weights less than 9 ounces.

It is built to the MIL-STD 180G standard for shock and temperature endurance, and complies with the IP66 standard for water and dust resistance.

The BD612i has a programmable button for one-touch Emergency Alarm. This feature improves worker safety and emergency response.

The radio has ergonomic, tactile buttons for no-look up PTT and emergency calling. It also features Audio Channel Announcement for fast and accurate channel switching.

The BD612i features a high quality audio with the audio equalizer adjusting low, mid and high frequency gain. This compact two-way radio provides the best audio performance in noisy or quiet environments.

Vox, Scanning and DMR features like Private Call, Group Call and All Call are programmable options.

The radio also features Pseudo-Tranking which automatically uses whichever digital timeslot is free to improve call connectivity and frequency efficiency.