Ideal for P25 trunked, simulcast and conventional networks

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The Tait TB9100 is a powerful Analog and P25 Digital Phase 1 repeater with a continuous power rating of 5W, 50W or 100W.  TheTB9100 is available in the following frequency bands:

136-174Mhz VHF

380-520Mhz UHF


Features & Benefits:

Ideal for P25 trunked, simulcast and conventional networks

Tested in a Department of Homeland Security-recognized P25 Compliance Assessment Program lab

Supports P25 open standard DES and AES encryption

Dual mode operation for ease of analog-to-digital migration

Remote programming and software licenses reduce the need for site visits and hardware upgrades

Smart AC/DC switching to ensure continuity of service

Built-in test equipment provides self-monitoring with local and remote logging of alarms

Digital console interfaces are provided for IP-connected consoles (DFSI for P25 conventional and CSSI for P25 trunked)

An analog line interface (4-wireE&M or/and Tone remote) allows connection to legacy analog consoles

TheTB9100 ‘s compact size, features and ruggedness offer a fully featured repeater that can be easily upgraded from a single repeater site coverage to a Trunked or Simulcast repeater site.