The TB9100 base station is intelligent and flexible, offering dual mode to ease migration with seamless FM or P25 switching.

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Features & Benefits:

Harris TB9100 is a powerful P25 Digital phase 1 and Analog repeater that can be mounted on a standard 19 inch rack. With dimensions of 19 x 7 x 15.2 (WxHxD) and a continuous power rating of 5W, 50W or 100W available in VHF & UHF, clarity and range will not be an issue. TheTB9100‘s Wide frequency range 380-520Mhz, 760-870Mhz in UHF and 135-174Mhz VHF bands allow FEDERAL and Commercial frequencies to be programmed. TheTB9100 can be programmed to emit as little as 5 watts when low power is required. TheTB9100 repeater is available with an internal Duplexer. Its internal power supply is designed to work with 110-240V AC and/or 12,24,48Vdc. TheTB9100 ‘s dual mode between P25 Digital and conventional repeater modes permitting easy migration from Analog to Digital. It can also be used as a base station.
TheTB9100 in Digital P25 repeater:

  • Can be used in a trunked system
  • Can be RF linked to other units
  • Includes Packet data
  • Telemetry
  • AES/ DES encryption and
  • Allows for customer specific applications
  • Includes remote management software
  • Has built in Diagnostics
  • Alarm monitoring of up to 12 parameters
  • Password protected
  • Allows for remote programming and software uploads reducing the need to visit the repeater site for upgrades
  • Has built in Audit and system logs permits service technicians to review the units operation over the past few days and not just its immediate cycle
  • Is available in dual 50W transmitter mode for those sites where 100% up time is required
  • In Analog mode allows for the ability to decode CDCDSS/CTCSS codes
  • DTMF Telephone Interconnect is also available using the rear accessory port.

TheTB9100 ‘s compact size, features and ruggedness offers Federal agencies, hospitality, shopping centers, security, schools, maintenance and construction a fully featured repeater that can be easily upgraded from single repeater site coverage to Trunked or Simulcast repeater site. TheTB9100 is covered by a standard 2 year Manufacturer’s warranty.