Tait P25 Transportable Repeater

The TB9100 based repeater is installed in a tough, water proof Pelican case for ease of transport.

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The TB9100 TRANSPORTABLE REPEATER from Tait is a powerful P25 Digital and Analog repeater that can be easily carried. It is installed in a tough, waterproof Pelican case for ease of transport and protected with a reinforced aluminum chassis. The repeater has 50Watts of power. It is available in VHF 148-174MHz; UHF 380-420MHz, 400-440MHz, 440-480MHz, and 762-870MHz . It allows up to 10 FEDERAL or Commercial frequencies to be programmed. The TRANSPORTABLE REPEATER can be programmed to emit as little as 15 watts when low power is required. Additional features include:

  • An internal Duplexer
  • An internal power supply designed to work with 88-240V AC and/or 12Vdc.
  • Operation in dual mode between P25 Digital and conventional repeater modes permitting easy migration from Analog to Digital.
  • Can also be used as a base station and weighs 44 lbs.
  • Can be RF linked to other units
  • Includes Packet data
  • Telemetry
  • AES/ DES encryption
  • Allows for customer specific applications
  • Remote management software
  • Built in Diagnostics
  • Alarm monitoring of up to 12 parameters
  • Password protection
  • Remote programming and software uploads
  • Built-in Audit and system logs permit service technicians to review the units operation over the past few days and not just its immediate cycle.

The TRANSPORTABLE REPEATER‘s compact size, features and ruggedness offers Federal agencies, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Professional security firms, schools, Remote construction sites and Search and Rescue teams a fully featured repeater that can be easily carried to extend current P25 wide area coverage or set up a dedicated communications network
at the scene in minutes.