Budget Friendly DMR Radio

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Increase the productivity of your team by providing cost-effective digital voice communications in a lightweight and easy to operate two-way radio that grows with your business with the new TP2210 portable from Tait.

The Tait TP2210 DMR Tier 2 portable radio combines affordability with operational simplicity, making it the best investment for increasing communication and collaboration within mobile work teams.

The TP2210 works with the entire range of Tait DMR solutions including portables, mobiles and base stations. The Tait TP2210 is tested and certified to DMR digital radio standards specified for business mobile radio users. You can be confident this portable radio will work with equipment from other suppliers that adhere to the standard. Operating in a standards-based, multi-vendor environment gives you the highest level of choice and investment protection.

The TP2210 is available in VHF: 136-174MHz and in UHF: 400-470MHz and 450-520MHz, with 256 channels and up to 16 zones.

The radio is sold with a 2000mAh Li-Ion battery that provides up to 15 hours of operation. The package also includes an antenna, belt clip and strap. Single unit chargers or 6-unit chargers are sold separately.

The TP2210 has a standard 2-Year Warranty.

Key Features of the Tait TP2210

The Tait TP2210 provides analog and digital operation, making effortlessly to communicate in a mixed group of analog and digital radios by automatically switching modes with no user intervention required.

The radio has one programmable button to send an emergency alert. The emergency feature Man Down is also available as an option.

The TP2210 is IP54 rated, meaning the radio is protected against dust limited ingress, with no harmful deposits, and it is also protected against water splashed from all directions, with limited ingress permitted.

Customized audio channel announcement to always communicate with the intended team members by receiving a customized voice announcement in plain speech when switching between channels.

Loud and clear audio to hear and to be heard in noisy environments like construction sites and event spaces, using crystal-clear digital DMR technology and a powerful speaker.