Why Event Planning Cannot Exist Without a Two-Way Radio

When you’re a guest at an event like a wedding, a retirement party, or local concert series, you may not notice how seamlessly each transition of the occasion is – and that’s a good thing! That means that the event your attending is utilizing a two-way radio to communicate. Without them, quality event planning couldn’t exist because there would be mishaps and confusion throughout the duration of the activities.

Here’s why two-way radios aren’t an option when you have a large event to run, but a necessity to ensure that everything goes as planned.

Two-way radios keep everything running on time

When it comes to events like concerts and weddings, it’s critical that everyone is on time and on the same page. Two-way radios allow you to cue the staff when it’s time to pour the champagne, start the music, or bring out the cake. If you’ve ever run an event, and the timing was off, you know that it can be devastating for everyone that had such high hopes for the special day.

You’ll be on top of mishaps and proactive to resolve unexpected situations

Every event comes with its fair share of stresses and mishaps, but when you can communicate with people from all over the venue, then you’ll be able to resolve issues quickly before they get out of hand. Being able to address situations fast will make your event safer and more enjoyable for guests.

Stress levels are low when you have a solid way to communicate

You can thank two-ways radios for allowing people to communicate with ease during events. Smartphones aren’t always reliable, and having people run back and forth to deliver messages is time-consuming and costly because you have to hire a larger staff. You’ll also find that things will get lost in translation when you have to coordinate details through a third party. Clarity is key to a successful event, and two-way radios make that possible.

Make your next event a success by renting a two-way radio from Metrotalk Inc. We offer on-site training if you aren’t familiar with how to use the radio, and our customer support is here to answer any questions you have. You’ll notice the difference when you communicate with clarity, and you and your guest will love the smooth way your event plans falls into place.

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HYTERA Awarded a GSA schedule contract

Hytera a world wide provider of commercial two way radios offering solutions in the Analog, DMR Digital and TETRA Digital standards has just been awarded its own GSA schedule.

GSA Schedule number GS-35F-095BA.

Now Federal, State and Local government agencies have an easy pathway to purchasing the HYTERA products available on GSA schedule with minimal effort and at an agreed fix price. This fixed price allows small town governments and state agencies the ability to use the buying power of the federal government to their advantage.

The HYTERA GSA schedule also promotes local dealer participation. By teaming up with local dealers, small towns and other government agencies can take advantage of the local dealer expertise, closeness to agency and a go to person when questions, training and other ancillary services are required. This HYTERA relationship with local dealers will promote a buy local mentality and piece of mind. Warranty claims and support can be resolved locally instead of the lengthy process other companies require for resolution. The local dealer participation will allow for quick answers and resolution to specific needs and modifications to equipment orders. This level of customization  is a feature of the HYTERA GSA schedule that makes ordering the right equipment an easy project instead of a painful process.

The local, state or federal agency no longer has to spend time, energy and ultimately labor dollars trying to decipher what they need from the multiple options, accessories and features of the radios they are trying to purchase. They will be able to meet with their local dealer and  talk about the features and options available. They will also have an opportunity to receive an explanation on how a particular feature will work and ultimately save money by paying for those features the agency needs instead of the typical mark all boxes and hope for the best.

Contact us for more information on how to purchase using the HYTERA GSA schedule. Metrotalk Inc. is an authorized dealer in the  Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland market.

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