What do restaurants, retail stores, super markets, Car dealerships, offices and schools have in common? They all need compact /clear communications to get things done. Two way radios are used to keep the location safe and clean. They allow for the best use of the employees’ time while keeping customers happy. Until now options were few if any. The options were high power, large, costly two way radios or cigarette lighter sized things called Two way radios that offer up to 1 watt of power.

Fortunately, today, they do not have to feel as if their needs can not be met. HYTERA offers the TC-320, a 2 Watts, small, compact radio that will cover most retail spaces.

It is designed to take a 5 foot drop and keep working. With 16 programmable channels the TC-320 allows you to work with different groups and/or use repeaters. It comes with a battery life of 8+ hours, wall charger, a spring loaded belt-clip and replaceable antenna. Other features included with the TC-320 are voice scrambling, High/ Low power settings, battery strength indicator, battery save, scan feature, and battery low indicator. Hytera offers the TC-320 with a 1 year warranty upgradeable to 2 .

All in a package under 3.94 inches tall x 1.89 inches wide x 1.06 inch deep and at just 4.76 ounces.TC320IMAGE