Send Text Messages with DMR Radios

One of many benefits of DMR Digital two-way radios when compared to Analog radios is the ability to send text messages to just one individual or to a group without switching channels.

Canned and Free Style Text Messaging

DMR Digital radios allow you to use two types of text messaging: Canned Messaging and Free Style Messaging. For sending both types of messages you need a two-way radio with display and while you can send canned messages with a radio with limited keypad, for free style messages you need a radio with a full keypad.

Two-way radio manufactures limit canned messages and free style messages to a specific number of characters and a limited number of texts per radio. You can customize canned messages, but they must be programmed at the time of purchase. Radio users will not be able to change canned messages.

On the other hand, Free Style Messaging offers you the choice to send your own message, send a canned message, modify and send a canned message, and save sent messages as a draft to use in the future or change them if needed.

All the text messaging features are easily accessible by navigating the menu in the radio using the keypad, like on a regular phone.

Videos on how text messaging works on DMR Digital Radios

We created 3 videos that explain in more detail how the text messaging feature works on DMR Digital Radios. On these videos we show text messaging using Tait, Hytera and RCA two-way radios.

Please, contact us if you need more information about the Text Messaging feature of DMR radios or any other feature. One of our two-way radio experts will be happy to help you select the right radio for your needs.