Benefits of Caller ID with Identifier

In earlier blogs, we discuss the DMR digital two-way radio features Private Call, Encryption and Text Messaging. In this blog, we are introducing another feature of DMR digital two-way radios named Caller ID with Identifier. This feature can be programmed in display and no display radios.

One of the main benefits of Caller ID with Identifier is knowing who is calling on the radio. Besides that, the ID list also allows you to identify what the ID means: a location or a job title. This DMR feature becomes essential in emergency situations. Knowing who sends an emergency call and where this person is located can be time and lifesaving.

Another benefit of programming the digital radios with the Caller ID with Identifier is that this feature helps find faulty radios. If you see on your radio display that another user has started a call, but you don’t hear anything, the radio transmitting may have a bad microphone or bad accessory. On the other hand, if you are calling a radio user and the person doesn’t respond, it could mean that that radio has a bad speaker, bad accessory or the volume is turned down.

We don’t recommend using the person’s name as the Caller ID Identifier. By doing so, every time a radio user leaves the organization, all the radios would have to be reprogrammed to include the new radio user’s name. This will be time-consuming and also affect your budget.

We’ve made a video on this DMR feature where we explain the uses and benefits of the Caller ID with Identifier feature in more detail. We hope you enjoy the video and find the information we provide useful.
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