Private Calling on DMR radios

Organizations such as hotels, schools, and manufacturing plants use two-way radios for their daily operations. Just pressing a button to talk to a group of employees is simple and efficient. Problems occur when a manager wishes to talk to one employee. A standard feature in DMR digital radios called Private Call solves this issue.

How Private call works

Private Call allows a radio user to place a call to just one user without changing the channel. This feature is essential in security or emergency situations when just one person needs to receive the orders. It’s also key in any other situation that requires a private conversation between two radio users.

The Private Call feature works best on two-way radios with a display and a keypad. The process is as simple as using the MENU button to select the receiver’s name from a contact list pre-programmed into the radios and then, press the push to talk button.

The DMR Private Call feature also works on radios without a display and a keypad. However, since there is no possibility to see or scroll from a list, only the side or top buttons can be pre-programmed to privately call a specific person such as a supervisor or team leader.

Video showing Private Call on DMR radios

Check the video below from our team of experts at Metrotalk. It shows how the Private Call feature works on some of our most popular DMR two-way radio models : the Tait TP3300 and the Hytera BD552i, PD662i and PD562i.