Two-Way Radio Accessories for a Safe Reopening

COVID-19 back to work recommendations require the constant cleaning of workspaces, tools and at least 6 feet of separation between employees.  These measures create a larger work area where employees will need to communicate in. As face to face communication will not be encouraged for some time, the use of cell phones or two-way radios will be helpful in reducing this limitation. For those companies that have determined that two-way radios offer the most effective solution, we would like to offer some advice.

Our fist advice is for those of you presently using two-way radios. Keeping your radio clean is particularly important for both the health of your team and the proper operation of your business. Here you will find information on how to clean your two-way radios.

We also want to bring to your attention on how the use of accessories will help keep your team and work area safe but most importantly QUIET!! Accessories are designed to maintain conversations private. The earpiece and microphone work together to allow for the conversations between users to be private and quiet since the two-way radio speaker is not broadcasting the conversation for all to hear. Using accessories also keep the two-way radio clean and protected from damage. You no longer need to carry the two-way radio in your hand or risk it falls down every time you remove it from your belt to answer.

If you decide that you and your team will benefit from using an accessory with the two-way radio, you will need to consider what style to use and how to clean them.

Accessories are available in one, two or three wire styles and each style offers multiple earpieces. The wire style stands for the location of the earpiece and microphone. You can find more information about wire accessory styles in this link.

The earpiece supplies the privacy of the conversation and quiet operation while in the work area. There are over the ear with large and small earpieces. Clear tubes with different rubber tips and headphone styles. Some will swivel. Some will adjust up and down and left to right. Some will offer quick replacement of parts, while others will be designed to be one size fits all. Below are two links with information about different earpiece styles available.



The microphones and wires are easy to clean with a 70% alcohol swap. Earpieces should be given special attention if they are going to be shared by your team members. You should carefully look over all the options and decide how each one will need to be kept clean. Will you need to replace foam covers, complete assemblies? or just wipe clean for the next person to use? Most important of all, which one your team will enjoy using. If they do not like the earpiece given, they will not use it. Without their participation, your quiet, efficient operation will end up being a noise filled work environment full of unhappy employees. Your customers will be allowed to hear everything you and your employees are talking about. Think of that scenario and how your business could be affected.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a demonstration. We have two-way radio accessories available for you to try before making your decision to buy.