Why You Need Two-Way Radios for Emergencies


When an emergency occurs, your reaction time is crucial to reducing the amount of damage that is done. First-responders know that you can’t always rely on communication devices like cell phones because towers can be compromised in a storm and phone lines can become heavily weighed with traffic during disasters. Depending on the type of emergency you’re facing, you should never count on the internet as a primary source of relaying information because it can go down as well. Whether you work in an industry that handles emergency situations or you want to be prepared should one occur, here’s why two-way radios will be an essential tool.

Two-way radios are durable

We’ve all seen the spider web look of a smartphone when someone drops it and shatters the screen, and there is no time for this equipment malfunction during an emergency situation. It’s essential that you have equipment and accessories that are designed to handle the wear and tear of a scenario of urgency. The last thing you’ll want to worry about is a fragile screen, and two-way radios will give you communication confidence so that you can quickly react to the situation.

You’ll know the location of your team

It is vital in an emergency that you know the location of your team members with the use of built in GPS on some radios, and the larger the issue, the more value you’ll see in this benefit of two-way radios. Covering a lot of ground is going to be part of the job whether you’re looking for lost hikers or a severe storm has damaged hundreds of homes. Knowing where each member of your team is located will allow you to seamlessly cover more ground and effectively execute your plan of action.

You can reach people at long distances

Quality two-way radios will provide coverage ranging from 1-2 miles to many more by using repeaters and this gives you access to a broader scope of the area when you are trying to keep an emergency under control. While not all emergencies will require such long distance communications, you’ll want to have access to two-way radios that can handle the unpredictable nature of disasters, as well as the distance that they can create between first-responders to do their job effectively.

Two-way radios are reliable and easy to use

When life is going smoothly, you’ll find that cell phones are easy to use for daily communication. But in an emergency situation, phone lines get clogged, the internet goes down, and finding a way to reach your team gets complicated. Two-way radios are reliable equipment that will ensure you’re prepared to seamlessly communication with your crew by just pushing one button. Make sure you keep the batteries charged and always take an extra one with you so that you don’t miss a minute of the conversation.

Take a proactive step today to ensure you get emergencies resolved quickly by learning more about the benefits of two-way radios. The experts at Metrotalk Inc. welcome your questions and will guide you through the product choices so that you make the best decision for your team and the emergencies that you face. Contact us today!