Rent radios to go on vacation

Most people consider going on vacation as a time to relax and enjoy the free time. Many use radios at work and may not think of using them while on vacation. You use them at work because it the most efficient way of reaching a co worker when you know he/she is on the premises. You know that radios can cover vast distances and do not need towers or other infrastructure to work. They do have limitations of range when used by themselves but knowing the limitations helps you to decide how far you can go.

Most people think that cell phone coverage is available everywhere. Unfortunately, they find out the truth when they are traveling on a back road, or reach a secluded destination. The cell phones companies have to spend over One million dollars per cell phone tower in order to provide coverage in that geographical area. They determine where to place the towers by how many potential/existing customers they have in the area. The tower space has to be available as well. In the heartland or on secluded locations the land owners many not or do not want a tower sticking into the air ruining the view so that customers can talk on their cell phones. They believe that customers can use the free phone service in the rooms or the reason they are there is to relax and leave call behind.

That’s why renting two way radios is a good idea. It allows you to keep in touch while following family members in other cars. It allows you to be able to communicate inside the resort. It allows you to be able to keep tabs on your family members as they are out and about enjoying the facilities. All without having to worry about cell phone coverage. Since calls go out to all users you do not have to make multiple cell phone calls when trying to let everyone know dinner is ready or that you are not going to be available for a while, as you take a long restful NAP.

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