Two-Ray Radio

Helpful Communication Tips for Two-Way Radio Users

Two-way radios are an investment in seamless communication that benefits a multitude of industries from event planning to construction. But, they are only going to be as effective as the people using them. When you want to make the most of the two-way radios for your business and improve the way your employees communicate, here are a few helpful tips.

Speak with clarity and directness

In order to speak with clarity, you should already know what you want to express and use brevity to get the information across. Keep it short and cut out words that aren’t necessary, even if they are everyday niceties like “thank you” and “your welcome.” Use those when speaking with someone face-to-face, but when on a two-way radio, stay direct.

You should also avoid pauses because this may prompt the other person to respond while you are completing a thought. Only one person can speak at a time, and you can’t talk over each other. Interrupting someone will only make the conversion last longer, as well as make it more confusing.

Remember that not all conversations will be private

Not all channels are going to be private when using a two-way radio, so be mindful that you follow proper etiquette for public use. In most cases, you’ll be confident that your line is secure and no one can dial into your frequency. However, if you aren’t sure, then don’t discuss issues that are meant to be private.

Repeat back information that isn’t clear

When you want to ensure that you’ve heard a message correctly before acting on it, take a few seconds to repeat back the information. This small step in communicating on a two-way radio can save a lot of time and confusion and will make your job much easier.

Check radios often and handle them with care

Don’t assume that your two-way radio is going to work correctly each time you use it. While they are a dependable piece of technology, issues can arise. Schedule routine radio checks for range, volume, and that the devices turn on and off as they should. Also, make sure your employees aren’t holding them by the antenna and that they are adequately secured so they don’t get dropped. Try to avoid accidents like coffee spilling on them.

Don’t forget to keep two-way radios charged

Make sure that charging is a primary concern, so everyone is ready when it’s time to communicate. You should have the charger and batteries that are designed to fit your radio, and you can designate one person to take the reins when it comes to charging responsibilities or leave it up to the individual employee.

Remember the accessories

If you use an accessory (headset, earpiece, speaker microphone) with your radio, always make sure that it is properly connected and in working condition. A loose accessory can block communication by keeping the radio constantly transmitting. Always check that the accessory connectors are in the right direction and properly tight.

Want more helpful communication tips when using two-way radios? Call MetroTalk Inc. to learn about the best devices and practices that will prevent breaks in communication so that you are confident and productive when using them.