Batteries and accessories

In today’s world, there are many two way radio manufacturers. Some are well known. The Motorola, Vertex Standard, Icom, Kenwood, Bendix King brand names have been around for many years. Some well over 80 years. Some have come into being a few years ago. Hytera was founded in 1993 ( Some have been around since 1895 ( yet not very well known. This constant growth and consolidation requires the end user to sometimes look for vendors that support their product.

In the past, if you wanted a battery or accessory for your radio, you had a few choices: The vendor that sold your brand of radio or the competing dealer that sold the same brand. In other words, very little choice. Luckily for everyone, today things are different. There are many AFTER MARKET companies supplying batteries, chargers, antennas and every conceivable accessory for every radio sold. Many offer products that the radio manufacturers wished they offered. Many times it’s the after market companies that are first in offering new and exciting products. They do so, not with one radio vendor in mind but with all radio vendors in mind. Today, a few, very high end radios offer Bluetooth connectivity. Yet, after market companies have offered not one but three choices of either Bluetooth devices or devices that work like the Bluetooth, but use a different technique. Either way, customers are able to get what they want when they want it.

This growth, in both selection and price, is exemplified in the battery and charger offerings. Today you can purchase a battery with the same or better fit and finish than the manufacturer’s battery. You can also purchase a battery that offers 3-4 times the capacity of the original battery. Chargers are available today that can charge up to 12 radios/batteries in one unit, while allowing for the mixing and matching of different makes and models of radio, and battery chemistry. They offer easily replaceable pockets to match your radio. This makes it easy for you to save money by deleting the factory charger and just purchase a low cost pocket to fit your new radio.

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