5 Industries that Utilize Two-Way Radios Every Day

Two-way radios have been used for decades, and over the years they have advanced and become one of the most efficient forms of communication for multiple industries. Unlike many other forms of communication for the workplace, they do not require a monthly service fee to operate. If you’ve ever considered utilizing two-way radios for your business, it will help to learn why others find them to be a valuable part of their daily production. Here we check out five of those industries and what makes these radios such a smart choice.

#1: Construction

 A construction site can be massive from the length to the height, and when a worker needs to speak with a supervisor or reach an architect, then having a fast and safe form of communication will be necessary. A two-way radio is used on a daily basis to request things like tools and equipment or more workers to a specific area, as well as to get questions answered and directions clarified. Because two-way radios are designed to be sturdy and handle the daily punishment that comes with many industries, construction included, they make a top choice over cell phones that are light weight and easily break.

 #2: Hospitality

 If you’re in the hospitality industry, then you want to ensure your guests have a fantastic experience. Two-way radios give your employees an easy way to speak with each other, and that saves a tremendous amount of time. For example, the housekeeper can call maintenance if there is damage in a room, the front desk can coordinate check-ins, and room service staff can resolve issues with the kitchen quickly, no matter where they are.

Many customers at a resort, hotel, or bed and breakfast may be turned off by staff on their cell phones because they won’t know it’s for work communication. Two-way radios are not only more reliable and faster than a smartphone, but they look more professional. Plus, unlike other mobile devices, you’ll know that the employee is on the job site because two-way radios has a coverage area that is known.

#3: Manufacturers

 Manufacturing facilities can be huge, and they are filled with a lot of massive assembly lines and pieces of equipment that break down and disrupt the flow of production. Depending on the area in the factory that this occurs, cell phone reception is often not an option. Manufacturers have found two-way radios a much better option versus other devices because they are fast, reliable, and can reach all areas of the facility from the front desk to the long assembly lines to the loading docks.

 #4: Security and safety

 Whether it’s security for a concert or a police officer responding to a crisis, those that work in an industry that deals with the safety of others will need a flexible and quick way to communicate with each other. This allows a team of professional security guards to work together for instances like dealing with a crowd that is getting out of control to firefighters that must collaborate to put out a burning building.

 #5: Retailers

 If you’ve been shopping lately, then you’ll probably notice one (if not all) employee utilizing two-way radios to provide you with speedy service and quick answers to your questions. In the retail stores, these will be used to alert cashiers to come to the front, to request clean up for a spill, to report an unruly customer or when a shoplifter has been spotted, to get pricing information, and much more.

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Beyond the five industries listed above you’ll find there are more that have found the two-way radio to be the most rapid and reliable form of communication from event planners to film crews to park rangers. Metrotalk Inc. is here to answer your questions and find the best radio for your industry so you can enjoy the benefits as well.