Summer Camp Two-Way Radio Rentals PROMO

Are you in charge of this year’s summer camp communications? Are you wondering if there’s any good alternative to communicate with your staff other than smartphones? Are you concerned about the camp participants’ security during outdoors activities? Would you like a quick way of communicating with your staff members in case of emergency? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then take advantage of our 30% OFF PROMO during the months of June, July and August and rent two-way radios.

Whether you’re camping in the mountains, staying at the beach or even touring around city environments, two-way radios will allow you to communicate with your staff members by just the press of a button. You’ll be able to check in an easy and quick way whether everybody is safe and that nobody is being left behind.

Our analog radios have up to 16 channels that can be programmed with customized names allowing to separate two-way radio users into groups. For example, the staff assigned to the maintenance of the camp grounds don’t have to listen to the conversations going on within the First Aid group.

We also rent digital two-way radios that allow for more programming features like Private Call, Caller ID, Pre-programmed text messages and scan.

All our two-way radio rentals include chargers and accessories for each radio and 50% spare batteries. We also have mobile two-way radios and repeaters available when extended coverage is needed. They can be used anywhere in the US and even around the world unless there’s a specific frequency ban regulation in the country you are visiting.

You can check our rentals page to see the different two-way radio products we rent or contact us and tell us what kind of communication you are looking for. We’ll be happy to offer you the best solution. Don’t forget to mention SUMMER CAMP PROMO.