Solutions for your two way radio needs!

From On-site Evaluation and On-site Training to Wide Area Solutions, we offer a wide array of services to answer all your company’s communications needs. We know that good clear two way radio communications is paramount to success. We take the time to listen to your needs so that we can find the best solution for you.



Sales Support

Whether you are interested in renting or purchasing two way radio equipment, when you contact Metrotalk Inc. we will start by asking you two basic questions. What type of two way radio coverage you are looking for or where the equipment is going to be used?

In some cases an on-site evaluation will be needed. We will either provide you with the demo equipment for two people and the steps on how to perform the site survey or we will meet you at the location and walk you through the process. It make take us a little bit longer to give you pricing but when you receive our quote, you will know that the two way radio equipment will work to your expectations.

On-site training is also available for first time two way radio users or for those upgrading their systems to the new digital two way radio technology.


Maintenance & Repair

With time and use even the toughest two way radio systems experience some issues. When you call Metrotalk Inc. to request our Maintenance & Repair service, we start the process by running a quick test on your radios and repeaters to make sure the problem is not due to and old battery, broken antenna, inappropriate handling, or license issue, to name a few. Our years of service experience have shown  that many problems can be solved right on-site, without the equipment leaving the property.

We offer a loaner program for those who need to have their two way radio communication systems running 24/7. Whether a portable, mobile or repeater, we have loaners available to keep your two way radio system working while your equipment is being repaired. Contact us to learn more about our loaner program.


FCC Licensing

An FCC license is required for anyone operating any two way radio equipment. There are different licenses for different frequencies and power allowances. Some very low powered two way radios may not even require a license; however for the majority of commercial/governmental two way radios that transmit above 500mw of power, an FCC license is required. Failure to operate with a valid FCC license can lead to fines and penalties. It is the users’ responsibility to apply for a valid FCC license to operate their two way radio system. We can assist you in obtaining your FCC license. We will also program your two way radio equipment to the new FCC approved frequencies once your license is issued.

Are you constantly hearing another user on your channel? Are you experiencing interference or poor radio coverage? Do you have a valid FCC License? We have discovered that FCC licenses are sometimes allowed to expire. This situation can lead another company to have legal rights to those frequencies.

Click in the button bellow to find your license. Not there? Then you don’t have one. Contact us to start your FCC license approval process.


Wide Area Solutions

When you need to extend the range of your two way radio system from inside your building to across town or across the country a wide area solution is required.

A repeater relays messages from one radio to another without the need of a dispatcher.  It is the first step in covering an area beyond the building. They come in two classes, basic and expandable. A basic repeater will cover a very large building and a few miles around that building if the antenna is placed on the roof. An expandable repeater allows for it to be connected to one or up to 29 other repeaters with the use of the internet. This connectivity allows for a very large geographic area to be covered. The same connectivity also allows for two repeaters in different cities, states or countries to be connected.

Wide area solutions also means we can combine two way radios with Verizon PTT, smartphones, PC’s and Satellite phones. Metrotalk Inc. offers multiple options and solutions when our customers need to stay in touch. Today’s internet accessible world opens possibilities that were unthinkable 10 years ago.