Renting Two Way Radios From Metrotalk

  1. We deliver and pick up locally within the Washington DC Metro, Northern Virginia and Baltimore area. For those located in other states, we ship UPS or FedEx. To make things easier we include a shipping return label in the same box as the radios. This return label is to be used to send the equipment back to us when the rental period is over.
  2. We only rent Vertex VX-354, the most powerful two way radio in the market (5 Watts compare to standard 2 or 4 Watts) with display.
  3. All our equipment is tested prior to being delivered or shipped.
  4. With every rental you will receive a charger and accessory with each radio and 50% in spare batteries.
  5. All batteries are fully charged, even the spare batteries, so the radios are ready to work when they arrive at your location.
  6. Not sure if they will cover the area where your event is taking place? No problem. We will send you two demo radios with accessories for a site survey at no cost. We also have mobile radios and repeaters available in case you need to increase coverage.
  7. All our rental portables, mobiles and repeaters are backed by our nationwide, high power, FCC licensed frequencies. Our frequencies guaranty you will be legally transmitting anywhere in the country. Need to provide  the frequencies you will be using ahead of time ? Are you  working with Government agencies? No problem, we can do that. We can also match your frequencies if you are renting to add to your existing two way radio equipment.
  8. Our rental mobile and portable radios have a display which allows users to easily identify the channel they are using. This feature is really helpful for events with customized channels for better communication. You may organize your crew by groups i.e. Reception, Production, Logistics, Emergency. If you provide that information ahead of time, we can label up to 16 channels accordingly.
  9. Our rental repeaters, mobile and portable radios are identified with an easily scanned asset tag. The easy scan feature helps the management of radios during large events. The tag also includes our 800 number to make it easy to contact us if an issue arises.

Give us the opportunity to prove what we say is true. Use our equipment on your next event. Just call at 1-800-268-4098 or Request a Quote

Don’t forget to mention the PROMO CODE. Just scroll down on our Main Page until you see a radio with a code on its display.