Here are just a few of the businesses that find value and complete satisfaction in using two-way radios.

Event Planners

Whether you plan weddings, concerts, or EXPO shows, speaking with clarity is going to be key to your success. Two-way radio systems give you the ability to easily reach staff that is stationed around large venues so that you’re always on cue for moments like when the bride walks down the aisle, or you need backup to stage left.

Construction Project Managers

Construction sites can be enormous, and when you need your team to move a heavy load that has arrived late, or you have a question for the architect that is on a different level of the building, two-way radios provide you with a safe and efficient solution that will be durable and safe to use.


Because it’s so simple to create different channels when you use two-way radios, those in the hospitality industry can reach maintenance, housekeeping, room service, the front desk, and other personnel from where they stand without disrupting others. This allows hotels to give exceptional and fast customer service, and the staff will look more professional than if they were using cell phones.

Retail Stores

Retail store employees can seamlessly reach other departments and locations within the store to enhance the customer experience and save time in their workday with the use of two-way radios. Calling backup cashiers, finding out if a particular item is in the warehouse, and price checking is easy with radios.

Manufacturing Plants

Whether you manufacture food, clothing, toys, auto parts, or new inventions, you’ll find value in using two-way radios. Manufacturing facilities are vast, and cell phones don’t always get reception in all areas. One of the best methods to ensure smooth communication is durable radios that can reach from the production floor to the front door.

Security Guards

If you’re in the safety industry, then you’ll find comfort knowing that you can exchange information at a moment’s notice with two-way radios. You can let people know if you need backup for an emergency, where you are located in your walkthrough, and get updated information.


Universities to daycares will notice the benefits immediately when they take advantage of using radios. You can communicate clearly and won’t have to worry about using a smartphone that isn’t always reliable or convenient in all locations.

Property Managers

Property managers cover a lot of ground, and when you don’t want your crew to stop what they’re doing to find the person they need to speak with, a two-way radio will be the solution. You’ll save time (which saves money), and your customers will notice that you’re more efficient and productive than others in the business.

Take the stress out of communicating and invest in two-way radios! Our knowledgeable customer support will be here to guide you through the product features to ensure you find the best commercial radio for your next project. There are so many companies that benefit from these durable devices that make staying connected and exchanging information seamlessly.

Only need the two-way radios for a short period of time? We have a large inventory of rental two-way radio equipment available for you. Contact us to discuss your communication needs and how MetroTalk two-way radio products can help you.