We offer accessories with every two way radio rental at no charge, limited to one per radio. Which one will work best for you?

Patriot™ Noise Canceling 2-Wire Surveillance Earpiece
Two wire surveillance kit: Our two wire surveillance kit is a TRUE two wire unit, meaning there is one wire that contains the clear tube ear piece and one wire that contains the NOISE CANCELLING microphone. The two wire surveillance kit offers the most discrete and private use of the two way radio. The clear tube earpiece allows the user to blend in with the crowd without anyone knowing you are using a walkie talkie. The noise cancelling microphone allows your conversation to be heard loud and clear even in noisy environments such as concerts, large expo centers or outdoor events.

Agent™ Single-Wire Surveillance Kit
Hybrid surveillance kit: This surveillance kit uses an over the ear, quarter sized, earpiece for discrete communications. Not as discrete as the two wire kit because a person standing next to the user may hear the conversation if the volume is loud enough. The Hybrid kit also uses an in line microphone for communication. The Hybrid kit allows you to maintain discrete communications in theaters, open areas without lots of noise, schools, houses of worship and conference rooms.


Razor™ Lightweight Headset
Behind the head headset: This lightweight accessory allows for all day comfort without feeling pressure on top of your head. The behind the head headset places pressure on the temple and hangs over the ears. The attached BOOM microphone allows for quiet conversations due to its placement as close to the user’s mouth as comfortable. The earpiece attached to the left side of the mounting wire allows conversations to be heard only by the wearer. The behind the head headset also includes an in line PTT button which allows the user to easily communicate without having to reach for the Portable radio’s PTT button. The behind the head headset is useful when coordinating a play, galas while using a clip board, or when having an earpiece in your ear is not comfortable for you. It also prevents hair styles from being ruined.


Over the head Headset (PRODUCTION STYLE): This lightweight accessory offers all the privacy and ease of use features of the behind the head headset but in a design commonly used in the movie industry, thus our Production Style identifier. It wears over the head with the padded speaker mounting over the ear and one wire crossing the top of the head placing pressure on the opposite side. The padded ear piece and adjustable head band allows multiple users to find the best fit.


Speaker microphone (Biscuit, shoulder puck): This accessory includes the speaker, microphone and PTT button into one compact unit. The connecting cable between the portable radio and the accessory along with a rear mounted rotating spring clip allows the wearer to place the unit on multiple locations on his/her person. Having the speaker integrated with the microphone and PTT button allows for quick response to radio calls as well as allowing the wearer to adjust the volume to their liking. An integrated ear piece jack allows any 3.5mm ear piece to connect for added privacy if required. Commonly used by police on the streets, bicycle riders, motorcycle riders and while driving a car. This accessory allows for easy communications when comfort is required but privacy is not.