Whether you’re planning a big event or you want a more reliable way to communicate with employees that are mobilized, Verizon PTT rentals are a valuable tool that will give you the speed and clarity for exchanging information. Here at MetroTalk, we know that connecting at a moments notice gives your business and planning capabilities an edge so that you don’t miss a beat in your day. And with Verizon PTT rentals, you’ll discover that you can simply push a button and communicate with one or multiple people at a time.

What you can expect from MetroTalk rentals:

Our Verizon PTT rentals are ideal for groups that want a rugged and convenient system for communicating whether you’re using gloves to push to talk, or you are speaking with a mobilized group of ten staff members to review changes in event details. We’re here to ensure that you get the best customer support for your mobilized rental needs, and we will guide you through process and products so that you have the right solution for your goals, budget, and timeframe.

Benefits of Verizon PTT rental:

When you want a clear form of communication for you and your staff or those that are involved in heading an event, there are a few benefits that you can enjoy – and some that you should expect!

  • All calls are unlimited (and free)
  • You can easily request cellular service if your projects requires it
  • You’ll receive a complete accessory pack
  • Headsets for Bluetooth are available upon request
  • The thoroughly tested units will be conveniently shipped
  • You’ll have 24-hour support from MetroTalk
  • You’ll be able to hear more clearly over large crowds and loud sounds versus cell phones

There are many more benefits to Verizon PTT rentals that you’ll discover as you utilize this fantastic service offered by MetroTalk. You’ll find that the screens are bright and convenient to use, and the radios are more rugged and reliable than smartphones.