Simoco-Xd DMR Tier II and Tier III mobile

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The Simoco-Xd SDM600 mobile series offers DMR Tier II conventional, DMR Tier III trunked and Analog modes of operation.

The SDM600 series provides three purpose designed control heads that are separate from the radio and can be mounted in optimal positions, with the radio module itself secured out of the way.





• 4 programmable buttons

• Clear 6 character display

• IP54 ingress protection

• Bracket for easy mounting

• Ergonomic design

• Dedicated emergency button

  • Multi-line graphic display

• 12 button alphanumeric keypad

• 6 programmable buttons

• IP54 ingress protection

• Volume Up/Down controls

• Dedicated emergency button

• Intuitive menu-based interface

• Large clear 5-line display

• IP54 ingress protection

• 11 programmable direct function buttons

• Full dial pad

• 2 call buttons

• Dedicated emergency button

SDM600 Series Features & Benefits:

1 W to 25W output power.

Frequency Range available: VHF 136-174 MHz, UHF 400-480 MHz and 440-520 MHz

Channel capacity: 100 channels on the SDM610 model and 2000 channels on the SDM622 and SMD630 models. 

Quick mount bracket available.

IP54 ingress protection.

Connectors placed for ease of installation.

Status and Short Data/Text Messaging, compliant with ETSI standards.