Analog and DMR Tier II Conventional, DMR Tier III Trunked

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The Simoco SBD670 two-way radio repeater supports Analog and DMR Tier II conventional, DMR Tier III trunked, VoIP telephone connectivity as well as open standard voice and data applications. The SDB670 can be interconnected over an IP backbone to form a wide area radio system without any additional or centralized switching components.

SBD670 Features and Benefits

Single platform for conventional and trunked systems.

Optional mountings for rack mount and wall mount installations.

Easily identifiable indications for transmit and receive in both TDMA slots.

Health and alarms are clear at a glance, with further information available via IP.

Compact 2U size.

Network management software included.

AES Encryption 256 bit.

Integrated power supply.

100% duty cycle at full power.

IP connectivity for applications interface, configuration, monitoring, telephony and trunking support.

Programmable facilities connector.

Battery backup.

The Simoco Xd SDB670 repeater automatically switches between Tier II conventional and analogue modes depending on the received signal. This enables a smooth migration from analogue to digital and supports a mixed terminal fleet during the transition period.