The RD982i is an open-standard DMR repeater capable of being connected via the internet to multiple sites as well as integrated with Hytera SmartDispatch or other 3rd party GPS dispatching software. The RD982i-S is capable of being upgraded to trunking at a future date as capacity requirements increase. The analog version of the RD982i provides organizations with an easy migration path to digital technology.

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Features & Benefits:

  •  Dual Mode: Analog and Digital
  •  50W High Power
  •  16 Channels
  •  Heat Dissipation
  •  Management Software
  •  Innovative LED Design
  •  Expansion Ports
  •  Dual Slot Digital Audio Streaming
  •  Continuous Wave Identification (CWID)
  •  Analog Scan
  •  Multiple Sites Via IP
  •  Repeater Diagnostic and Control (RDAC)
  •  Interoperability
  •  Multi CTCSS/CDCSS Decode
  •  Repeater Access Management
  •  Analog / Digital Telephone Interconnection (via DTMF signaling)
  •  Analog Repeater Knockdown