RD962i is a digital / analog portable repeater that is compatible with the DMR standard. This device is compact for easy transport and can be embedded with an optional mini duplexer. It supports a range of power supply options to guarantee uninterrupted communications during emergencies. Its API and 100 Mbps network port combine to support an extended array of applications. The device provides IP67 protection, making it reliable in harsh operating environments.

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Features & Benefits:

  •  Slim and Portable
  •  External Battery
  •  Emergency Power Port
  •  IP67 Protection
  •  Reliable and Durable
  •  User-Friendly Panel
  •  Smart Battery (optional)
  •  Repeater Diagnostics and Control
  •  Voice Input / Output via Dual Time Slots
  •  Digital / Analog Smart Switching
  •  Flexible Networking
  •  16 Channels
  •  Digital-Analog Interconnection
  •  GPS