Multi-mode Advanced Radio

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Hytera’s PDC760 new Multi-mode Advanced Radio is a revolutionary device that was designed with the private radio network industry in mind. It’s the first of its kind to offer a truly convergent platform for both critical voice communications and broadband data services.

The PDC760 supports multi-mode communications across a wide range of scenarios. Whether it’s daily business operations or emergency response, broadband or narrowband, public or private networks, Hytera’s multi-mode advanced radio can meet all your communications needs.

The PDC760 offers users a unified communications experience with a rich selection of applications and high-level data security. The radio is built to handle any critical communications situation and improve operational efficiency. The ergonomic design combined with a rugged chassis and touchscreen display support a new sensory experience to meet a diverse set of communications requirements that allows users to improve situational awareness to respond and achieve quickly and effectively.

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