Designed for mission-critical environments.

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The TM9355 mobile offers conventional and trunked DMR operation as well as full MPT 1327, and conventional FM functionality in one device.

Features & Benefits:

Quad mode terminal offering Trunked DMR,Conventional DMR, MPT 1327 and analog conventional FM in one device

Roaming between MPT and DMR Tier 3 networks

Roaming between FM Conventional and DMR Tier 2 Networks

Roaming between Conventional FM and DMR Tier 2 Conventional networks

Increased channel capacity with support of up to 1,500 channels

Open DMR standard provides choice and interoperability

Lone Worker as standard

Tait GeoFencing Automated Location Controlled Behavior

Crystal-clear voice so the operator and user will understand the message

Emergency calls have priority access to the network, and can be integrated with a GPS location solution

Trunked operation allows for individual and private calls within designated groups

Optional DES or AES encryption for privacy of conversations

Embedded data for location

Short data messages for location, status and text

GPS capable to improve efficiency and safety

Packet data over traffic channels for work force management, Telemetry, SCADA and customer specific


Tait also offers the TM9315. An entry level version of the TM9355 with less features but almost the same benefits.