Installing a Rental Repeater

1) Make sure the outlet you will be using to plug in the repeater has power.

2) Screw included antennas according to the color connectors on the back of the repeater. Red antenna to red connector and green antenna to green connector.


3) Place antennas as far apart as possible. Red  antenna (Transmit) can be placed on any surface.

4) Antennas should be placed away from people, should never be touched while repeater is in use and should not touch any metal object.

5) Push the power button if repeater does not start working once power is applied.

6) The number displayed on the repeater should match the number on the radio you want to use,  i.e.: Repeater display shows CH1,  Radio display has to show RPT CH1. If not, press the channel button up or down to change the channel on the repeater to CH1. The “RPT” in front of the CH1 identifies that the channel being used is associated with a repeater.

7) If using a VXR7000 repeater, besides following the above steps, make sure that the Repeater button is ON. All other buttons on the front panel should be OFF. The VOL volume button should be turned fully counter clockwise. The SQL Squelch button should be turned fully clockwise.

8) If the radio does not talk to another radio displaying the same repeater channel the repeater is not working. Check to make sure all the above steps have been applied.

9) A repeater will only work if it hears the radio. Its location in a venue is vital for proper operation. Always place the repeater in a location where all radios can reach it.