Hytera HALO Q&A

What is HALO?

Hytera HALO is a nationwide group communications solution that allows users to communicate via push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) 3G/4G/LTE and Wi-Fi networks.

What do I need to use Hytera HALO?

A monthly or yearly subscription to the Hytera HALO cloud server.

A Wi-Fi connection and/or cellular data plan, depending on how and where you want to be able to communicate.

To purchase the Hytera PNC370 portable radio and/or use the Hytera HALO app on your Android smartphone.

Why does the PNC370 require a cellular data plan?

The device must be connected to the internet in order to access the Hytera HALO server. You can do that either through Wi-Fi or currently a T-Mobile data plan SIM card. When the user has access to both networks, the PNC370 seamlessly connects from Wi-Fi to the T-Mobile 3G/4G/LTE as it moves out of the Wi-Fi range.

Do I have to buy my own T-Mobile SIM card?

No, Metrotalk can provide T-Mobile unlimited data plan SIM cards on a monthly or yearly subscription. If you are already using T-Mobile, you will be able to use your SIM card with the PNC370 if it is a 128kb/s SIM. 

Can I bundle PNC370 units and Android HALO App subscriptions?

Yes, you can.

Does Hytera HALO include a dispatch console?

Hytera HALO features a dispatch console software that runs on any Windows 10 PC. It requires a monthly or yearly subscription to the service. The dispatcher can easily communicate with users by pressing the space bar on the keyboard and using the default microphone and speakers on the computer.

Will I be able to track the users’ location from the Dispatch console?

The PNC370 comes with built-in GPS and RTC (real time clock) that supports tracking and positioning for dispatching, as well as for displaying call history. The same applies if you are using the Android app. So yes, users’ location is displayed on the map in real time, allowing for tracking and stamp times. The dispatcher can create groups by geographical area on the spot by just selecting them on the map.

What type of calls are allowed?

The Hytera HALO solution allows for group call, individual call, Emergency call and ALL call.

All conversations are logged and recorded which makes it easier for the dispatcher to review previously received calls.

How many users and groups does the Hytera HALO solution supports?

Hytera HALO supports the programming of unlimited groups and users. The dispatcher can stun (turn off) and revive users from the console.

What are some of the benefits of Hytera HALO compare to traditional LMR (land mobile radio)?  

The Hytera HALO system is easily deployed since it doesn’t require the installation of repeaters and towers. It also provides nationwide communication at a lower cost. 

Are the PNC370 and the Hytera HALO solution available for Demo?

Yes! just contact us to schedule yours.