How to Connect an Accessory to Our Rental Radios

1) Before installing the accessory (headset, surveillance kit, speaker microphone) make sure the radio is OFF. If you attempt to install the accessory with the radio ON, the radio will constantly transmit blocking the channel.

2) Install the accessory with the cable going up the side of the radio.


3) Push the connector fully into the side of the radio, making sure there are no gaps between the connector and the side of the radio. If the accessory is loose, the radio will constantly transmit blocking the channel.

4) Turn the connector screws by hand until tight. Pull on the connector; if loose, tighten the screws with a penny, but only two turns at a time. Check for tightness after the two turns. If the connector is tight and it does not move back and forth against the radio, stop tightening the screws or they will sheer off and become useless.

5) Place the ear piece in the ear, turn the radio on and talk to the other person. Make sure you are on the same channel. Adjust volume while doing so.

6) Place radio on person and only use wired microphone to communicate. The PTT button on the side of the radio will not work properly.

7) If the radio is constantly transmitting, turn it OFF. Tighten the surveillance kit following the above steps. Turn the radio back on to use normally.

8) If you do not wish to use the surveillance kit. Unplug from the radio and use the radio as normal.