Stay connected when it counts the most.

Having in mind those who make hard decisions and tackle the most difficult jobs every day, Harris designed the XL FAMILY of P-25 open standard portable radios (XL-200P and XL-185P) with a powerful set of tools to allow them to work in the most extreme environments and the most challenging situations.

The XL-200P and the XL-185P are the first and only multiband and single-band LTE Land Mobile Radios available today.

By merging LMR voice in the VHF, UHF, 700/800 or 900 MHz frequencies with voice and data over Wi-Fi® and cellular/LTE that is Verizon Certified and Band-14ready, the XL FAMILY lets you go to the point of need and stay connected.

GPS, Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi come standard—allowing you to integrate with 3rd party apps for greater situational awareness.

The XL-200P and the XL-185P are built to meet the toughest specs the industry like the following:

MIL-SPEC standards IP68
MIL-STD-504.1 for contamination by fluids
MIL-STD-511.5 for flammability

The XL Family offers multiple encryption methods, including single-key AES. They have a simple user interface that makes them quick to operate, with Color-coded talk groups and voice annunciation that support rapid changing between talk groups.

They feature a powerful 1.5-watt rated/4.0-watt max amplifier with dual speakers and
advanced noise cancellation to suppress acoustic feedback and provide clear audio over a wide range of conditions. Watch a test performed by Harris.

Download the brochure to find out more about the Harris XL Family of P25 open standard portable radios or watch Harris video about the Expanded XL Family.