LTE and LMR converge

Cellphones Didn’t Kill the Two-Way Radio Business

With everyone looking down at their cellphones these days, it can feel like they killed the two-way radio business. In fact, some people may be wondering if there is a better way to communicate than a cellphone. We’re here to tell you that two-way radios are still a reliable solution for those that require clear communication.

A LOT of industries benefit from two-way radios

Event planners, construction workers, universities, first responders, property managers and more still use two-way radios to communicate because the clarity and security are more efficient than a cellphone. They are easier to carry and more durable, and in many cases, they have longer battery life and high capacity battery options. Plus, with advancements in technology, they actually have a lot of the capabilities that a cellphone has like location tracking and notifications, bluetooth, as well as accessories.

Two-way radios can achieve what cellphones can’t

There are a lot of features that two-way radios have that cellphones just don’t. The cost is affordable, and over a lifespan, you’ll save money when you invest in these products. They also make it easy to communicate in groups, and you can use multiple channels when you have people that need to speak with each other or select groups, but not with everyone else that has a radio.

The two-way radio business is alive and thriving

Watch the videos below from Tait Communications, Harris Corporation, and Hytera to find out where the industry is heading. These three companies are already developing products combining the best features and capabilities of the two-way radio and smartphone technologies to offer the best solutions for critical and day to day communication.

Tait UnifyVehicle

Harris BeOn P25

Hytera Multi-Mode Advanced Radio

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